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You, Me, and Megs actually began as an accident. When Megs was pursuing her Bachelor of Social Work she made a birthday cake for her 21st birthday brunch, which she obviously posted everywhere. After seeing the pictures, her supervisor asked Megs if she would be interested in making her wedding cake. In typical Megs fashion, she told her supervisor she would practice for a couple months and then make the decision. One girl can only eat so much cake, so naturally she started bringing the extra cakes - always missing one slice - to church. Soon people from her church started reaching out to purchase cakes, which is when she realized making a wedding cake was within reach and maybe she had, at last, found her “side hustle”. She agreed to make the wedding cake and continued baking to help pay for her Master of Science in Social Work degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She has since graduated, and now splits her time between part time work in public health in Austin, Texas, running the kitchen at Sandy Creek Bible Camp in Washington, Texas,  and continuing to make cakes for her customers all over Texas! The “you” and “me” parts of the name refer to two of her friends, Tyler and Bentley, who always humor her crazy ideas, taste test many trial flavors, wash LOTS of dishes, and assist with other logistical and financial planning parts of running a bakery.

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